Our passion and desire has led us to open our first flagship store in London where we will be serving world’s famous blend of coffees to millions of customer. Our mission is to offer our customer 100% top quality products and not compromise in any of our offering. We make fresh sandwich for you on the go as well as offer you wide range blend of coffee to suit your taste and need. London pride itself in being home to millions of united diverse ethnicity, religion and community. We pride ourself to serve and offer the Diverse London community with high quality diverse range of great products and service.

An exceptionally unique taste to you


We offer great range of blends to choose from to suit your taste and need to make you a perfect coffee.


Great range of lunch & Dinner menus for you to grab & go to save your precious time cooking delicious food. You can also pre oder any of our premium products for collection.


We believe in freshness and high quality products so we will offer you freshly made breakfast and sandwiches for you on the go.


Grab our free Benefit Club Card to collect points and range of discounts we will offer to our new and loyal customer to give them value for money on every penny they spend.

Our Associated Partners & Suppliers

We are proud to be associated with trusted brands and suppliers